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Our Montana Railroad Heritage

The story of our family’s pepper blend and its unusual name is rooted in three generations of food-loving Montanans, born and steeped in railroad tradition.  Working “out on the road” (railroad speak) meant a perpetual quest for the tastiest food, whether it be discovered in roadside diners, dark saloons, boarding houses or “depot beaneries” (more railroad lingo).


Over 30 years ago, our railroading father and self-proclaimed food aficionado began working on his own idea of what a great ground pepper seasoning might be.  Using a restored wooden coffee grinder, he crushed and taste-tested his way through countless rounds of experimentation. The perfected result:  a unique, full-bodied, aromatic blend of sun-dried garden vegetables and fresh peppercorns that immediately became everybody’s favorite.


Today, Gandy Dancer Pepper is still coarse-cut in single batches using a vintage electric grinder from an old A&P Market...and still proudly made in Montana.

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